Imagine a clear blue sky, sparkling water and a kayak. Add a friend, family member or partner by your side. - That's where the magic happens.


Book online and enjoy the freedom to paddle anywhere, anytime!

Paddle and have a great day with friends and family.

Inexperienced paddlers can safely try kayaking as we have stable sea kayaks.

You who are more used to kayaking can paddle around the lake or get past the strait and out into the Glafsfjord.

During an evening tour, you get a wonderful view of Arvika and the town's buildings.

Kayaking is a perfect way to discover the surroundings from a new perspective, compared to cycling or walking.

With the self-service, we make it easy and accessible for both locals and tourists to try kayaking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


In Arvika, west Värmland, we actually have Sweden's innermost port, located at Glafsfjorden and Kyrkviken.

There is a lot of history, the Vikings have actually traveled on these sea routes, and we have a real gem here in west Värmland.

Treat yourself to a trip with our stable kayaks and experience Arvika from the best side, namely from the lake.


*Take a trip around Kyrkviken and all its lakefronts. Experience Arvika from the lake side. It's a nice trip and it's significantly less windy in Kyrkviken than out on Glafsfjorden (11km).

*Paddle out to Glafsfjorden through the water channel, perhaps a bathing excursion to Ingestrand or Körselviken (8.6km)

*Make a visit with the kayak to Viksholmen's bird watching area. Maybe you can see a rare bird if you are lucky. (1.4 km)

*Make a partial goal and take a stop to visit the café at Sågudden. Give your stomach something tasty to eat, everything from dishes to sandwiches and also home-made ice cream!

End your padel tour with delicious food from one of the harbour's restaurants, Olssons Brygga or Barbord Kök.

Overnight paddling:

Paddle out to Bergs klätts nature reserve (15.6 km) and visit the hiking trail that takes you up to the

stone age graves.

Feel the mystery of the untouched forest, if you close your eyes you can easily imagine how the Vikings walked in these lands.

Here there is a wind shelter and barbecue area.A perfect place to spend the night, there is also a toilet along the hiking trail near the wind shelter.

In the morning you paddle back along the Älgå side, out to the island Skagern. Here there is both a barbecue area and a toilet. On the other side of the island, there is a

peacefulbeach. When it feels like time, you paddle home. (Total 44.6km)


Rent a kayak for a few hours, a day or a whole week!

This is always included when you rent a kayak from us:Paddle, life jacket & instructions so you feel safe when paddling

Lifejacket is for people between 40-130 kg

3 hours

Singelkayak = 350:-

Doublekayak = 550:-

FULL DAY/7 hours


Singelkayak = 500:-

Doublekayak = 700:-

24 hour


Singelkayak = 700:-

Doublekayak= 900:-

Do you want to see as much as possible of lovely west Värmland?

Maybe go up to Glaskogen with the kayak? Rent a kayak for a weekand enjoy our nearby nature and all that it has to offer. To get the weekly price, contact us by email or phone.

How it works


Go to the book link and choose kayak.Book and pay for the kayak online.


You will receive the booking confirmation in your email.

10 minutes before the scheduled time, you will receive the code for your kayak in a separate email. Should you not receive a code in the email, call us

+46 706 04 11 99.


Check that the following are in the kayak:

  • Life jacket, paddle, safety string for the paddle

  • Map of the area


    The life jackets have buoyancy between: 40-130 kg, the renter must provide own lifejaclets for other weights.


Take the kayak out onto the grass and set the pedals according to the instructions standing in the bookingconfirmation e-mail.

Lock the padlock.

Carry equipment and kayak and put everything on the dock.


Pack the kayak and make sure all hatches are properly closed.Check the weather before you go out on the lake and adjust your paddling according to weather conditions.



Check the weather before you go out, especially the wind strength and direction. Always paddle against the wind first.


All paddlers must wear a life jacket.

(The life jackets have buoyancy between: 40-130 kg, the renter must provide own lifejaclets for other weights..)

One person in the party must also have a mobile phone close to the body (e.g. in a life jacket) waterproofly packed to be able to reach help if needed.


Always adjust pedals when on land. Take time to familiarize yourself with the kayak and equipment.

When you come back

This is how it works!

After cleaning the kayak and equipment, put the kayak back in its place (see number) and put the paddle and life jacket/safety line back in the kayak.

If the life jacket is wet, it would be nice if you email this and tell us which kayak you paddled in.

ATTENTION! Don't forget to lock.

Company/group activity


See Arvika from the water. Take your colleagues on a kayak trip with or without a guide on the Glafsfjord.

If you paddle on your own, we give basic instructions before you set off.

With stable kayaks and calm waters, almost anyone can participate.

We offer suggestions for different tours.

We start from our location at the harbor in Arvika and life jackets are of course included.

Paddling is a pleasant company activity that is adapted to the participants' prior knowledge.

Swimming skills are a requirement, but otherwise the activity is suitable for most people.

Booking conditions for groups

(the online booking has its own conditions)

A booking is not guaranteed until payment has been made. Once the booking is paid, it is binding for both parties. However, we reserve the right to cancel the activity in case of dangerous weather conditions (strong wind or thunder). Then the payment will be refunded or the activity can be moved to a later date after consultation with the customer.

If you cancel earlier than 7 days before the start of the activity, the full amount will be refunded minus an administrative fee.

For amounts under SEK 1,000, the fee is 15%. For amounts over SEK 1,000, the fee is SEK 150.

If you cancel 7-2 days before the start of the activity, 75% of the total amount will be refunded.

If you cancel the day before the activity date, 50% of the total amount will be refunded. In case of later cancellation or if you do not attend the activity, no refund will be made.

Changing the date is also considered a cancellation.

In case of acute illness or serious accident (for you, your immediate family or fellow traveler) and a valid certificate to this effect from a doctor, the entire amount is refunded.

General conditions for renting a kayak

• Swimming skills required!

• All paddling is at your own risk!

• Always use a life jacket when you are on the water!

(The life jackets have buoyancy between: 40-130 kg, the renter must provide own lifejaclets for other weights..)

• Kayaks and equipment are returned cleaned of dirt and sand.

• The customer is responsible for damage to the kayak. These are valued and the price determined by a third party.

• If the rudder or rudders are damaged upon delivery, the repair costs SEK 1,200 including assembly.

• Any delay must be reported to us as soon as possible via call or text message to +46 706 04 11 99.